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TG-POS-14-NT-US     Detachable USB 

Key Features:

- Programmable keys
- Traditional easy to use QWERTY layout
- Internal steel support structure
- 6 Relegendable keycaps
- Detachable cable
- USB connector
- Optional with or without magstripe
- Optional with or withouth touchpad

Programming Capabilities:

- Keys can be programmed with 255
characters using Matrix Maker Software.
- Supports multi-country codes

Electrical Specifications:

- Power supply
     USB: +5Vdc from data cord
- Current output: 100 mA max

Optional touchpad:

- Active area: 2.46 x 1.83 inches


- Storage temperature: - 40C to +60C
- Operating temperature: 0C to +50C
- Operating humidity: 20% to 90%
- Dimensions: 14.56 x 8.18 x 1.24 inches
- Cable length: 6 ft
- Warranty: 3 years

Product Information: 

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