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Manufacturing Capabilities

We have state of the art manufacturing facilities at our head quarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin (USA) and off-shore in our China facility. Both are clean, climate controlled electro-mechanical assembly facilities. We operate within ESD safe work cells. Our facilities include the following:
Surface Mount Assembly: Fully automated state of the art SMT assembly lines enable the operators to load bare printed circuit boards at the beginning of the line and take off completely assembled boards at the end. Our lines (both domestic and off-shore) include the latest in SMT technology using DEK printers, Samsung Placement, and BTU ovens. We have moved all manufacturing to RoHS compliant manufacturing but can do non-RoHS if so needed.
Through Hole Assembly: We have automated through hole placement equipment including Universal DIP insertion and Amistar axial insertion. We have RoHS and non-RoHS wave solder machines to meet your requirements.
Automated Switch Insertion: We have built custom insertion equipment to auto-insert the Cherry MX keyswitch, Cherry low profile ML key switch and TG3 Full Travel Membrane keyswitch.
Vacuum Forming: We vacuum form thin materials to act as splash shields and light reflectors
Laser Etching/ Engraving: We can laser etch custom legends on keys or logos/labels onto housings. We have worked closely with material compounders to get the exact color and effect required whether it be white on black, black on white, or any color in between. We also laser etch painted products to reveal backlit characters.
Silk-Screen Printing: We have in house automated silks screen presses for your highest volume requirements and manual presses for your low run and prototype volumes.
Sublimation Printing: Sublimation printing remains one of the most cost effective durable printing methods. It is limited to printing dark colors onto light colors but, we have created some unique solutions to getting light legends specifically backlit as required.
Paint Booth: In house painting facilities allow us complete control over processes (specifically with color matched paints) to stay consistent with the rest of your system.

Medical Keyboards and Panels

Medical Keyboards & Panels

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Industrial Control Panels

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POS Keyboards/Bump Bars

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Mobile Technology

Mobile Data

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