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Custom Keyboard Applications

TG3 engineers understand the unforgiving nature of the healthcare environment on keyboards and custom panels. We work closely with our customers to take their design requirements from concept to production. Here are just a few of the items we have integrated into our custom input devices.

• Custom plastics, metal, rubber
• Custom or standard protocols
• Custom firmware/software
• Splash-proof seals
• Backlighting for low light environments
• Backlighting control
• Full/limited travel, low profile, and flat panel/metal dome switches
• Optical Rotary Encoders Linear slide-pots
• Integrated pointing devices for cursor control including touchpads, trackballs, and more
• LED and LCD displays USB interface for all integrated devices
• Custom molded keys and bezels

Product Information: 

Medical Keyboards and Panels

Medical Keyboards & Panels

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Industrial Control Panels

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POS Keyboards/Bump Bars

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Mobile Technology

Mobile Data

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