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MK69 Series Keyboard Metal Kiosk

KBA-MK69D-MU-RC  69 key, Metal keys, USB

Key Features:
• Top bezel is made from 2mm thick stainless steel
• Dust free, waterproof, or optional colored plastic key
• Tactile key response with 4mm of travel
• Waterproof key switches
• Laser printed key legends for superior durability
• Available with trackball and touchpad pointing devices
• Programmable key layout
• USB interface
• Customized layouts available on request

Electrical Specifications:
• Power supply: +5V/DC +/-10%
• Current < 100mA max

Mechanical Specifications:
• 69 total keys
• Key travel distance: 0.157 in (4mm)
• Key force: 65g (single key) / 150g (double key)
• Key stroke life: 10 million cycles
• Protection level: IP 65

• Storage temperature: -40C to +60C
• Operating temperature: 0C to +50C

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