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BLTXR Series

KBA-BLTXR-USNNR-US     Rubber, 6 Ft. Straight Cord, USB
KBA-BLTXR-UCNNR-US     Rubber, 6 Ft. (3 Ft. retracted) Coiled Cord, USB

Key Features:

- Low cost, ultra rugged, rubber keyboards
- Low profile with ergonomic design and feel
- Tactile full travel key switches
- Red LED backlighting rated for the life of the product
     (200,000 hr LED's)
- Embedded multi-media functionality
- Chemical resistant engineered plastic resin housing and keycaps
- Sealed product to prevent water intrusion
     (Mil Std 810 Compliant)
- Splash proof touchpad with 2 sealed mouse buttons
- Rated IP65
- FCC/UL/CE and RoHS compliant
- Logo option
- Multiple standard mounting options
- Non-rubber available

Mechanical Specifications:

- 83 key
- Overall dimensions: 12 x 7.75 x 1.25 inches
- Weight: 2 pounds
- 10 million cycle key switches
- Temperature:
     Storage: -55C to +85C
     Operating: -40C to + 70C

Electrical Specifications:

- Voltage: +5Vdc from data cord
- Current:
     Backlit: 500mA
- Interface: USB
- Radiated immunity: 20 volts/meter
- Dimming has 8 levels of intensity
- x/y position resolution: 500 points/inch (20 points max)




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